Hello Hiatus!

Well, I've gone on a little bit on an unannounced hiatus this month! So i figure I might as well announce it. I honestly didn't even notice how many days have gone by without an update because I have pretty much been sewing and crafting non-stop in preparation for my artist alley table at Anime Boston. I am hoping to get at least a few bonnets done for my table and they take an ungodly amount of time! My days, at the moment, are pretty much a blur of buckram, lace, pricked fingers, and episodes of Avatar and The X-Files playing in the background to keep me from going crazy. I will probably have a somewhat sporadic update schedule until the first week of May, after Anime Boston, and after NYC's Sakura Matsuri.

Until then, I'm sure I'll see some of you around! If you happen to be going to Anime Boston this upcoming weekend, stop by the artist alley, row T, to find me! I'll be selling under my shop name, Ophanim, and on Saturday Miss Lumpy will be there at my table with me selling Amaranth Opulent jewelry!

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