30 Things Every Lolita Should Have

This post is inspired by Star Princess's blog post, 50 Things Every Himegyaru Should Have. I was checking my blog roll and noticed it, and even though I'm not a Himegyaru I found it very inspirational! Both in an "I definitely need that!" sense and a blogging sense! So, I'd like to do my own Lolita version of a list like this. But please, check out Star Princess's Himegyaru list, even if you don't consider yourself one, there's still a lot of overlap between Lolita and Himegyaru, and it's a super cute list anyways!

I've actually shortened mine to 30 since Star Princess covers a lot of important things, and I don't want to repeat hers exactly, since I'm already stole the idea to do this list from her ;) Please keep in mind that this is by no means a "you must do these things, or else!" list, it's just for fun and is somewhere between lifestyle and practical.

Every Lolita should have:
  1. A workable Lolita wardrobe. Whatever this means to you, either a couple mix and matchable outfits, or a whole walk in closet filled with frills.
  2. At least one petticoat! To achieve the perfect poof.
  3. A good mascara, to create a dolly-eyed look.
  4. A Livejournal so you can watch and comment on EGL.
  5. A feedback page for the egl_comm_sales so you can sell off what you don't wear when it comes time for closet cleaning and buy some cheap second-hand pieces to fill the void!
  6. A favorite style, even if you can never stick to just one!
  7. A dream dress, either hanging up in your closet or one that you can dream of one day owning.
  8. A favorite shopping service, so you're ready when your dream dress goes up for sale on a Japanese auction site.
  9. At least one piece of brand, even if it's just a headbow or a tote bag, it's always nice to have something that was made by one of the people who popularized the style you love so much.
  10. A winter coat with enough flare to fit over your skirts and not squish it (if you live somewhere cold enough!)
  11. A frilly "house dress" for when you want to wear some frills but you don't feel like going anywhere.
  12. A collection of Gothic & Lolita Bibles, so you can ooh and aah over all the pretty clothes. Scans are just as good as the real thing, but scans don't come with stickers and patterns!
  13. A Malice Mizer album because, let's face it, whether we like it or not, Mana is Lord of the Lolitas.
  14. A mix CD of songs that remind you of Lolita, so you have something to put on while you get ready for meetups, to add a little bit of extra loli-ness to your day.
  15. A copy of Kamakazi Girls. The manga, the movie, or the book, it doesn't matter! Even if you don't care for it, you should at least know who Momoko is.
  16. A Lolita blouse or cutsew that you can wear with "normal" clothes like a pair of jeans or a nice skirt. For when you have to do something mundane, but don't want to leave all the frills at home!
  17. A dress that's not your normal style at all. Maybe it's a super sweet print in a closet full of Gothic dresses, or a Punk Lolita piece in a closet full of Sweet dresses.
  18. A parasol to keep the sun out of your eyes.
  19. A Tide To Go pen, just in case you spill something!
  20. Something you made yourself. A necklace, some sock toppers, a hair bow, or even a whole dress.
  21. An elegant local place that you could have an impromptu meetup, just in case you find another Lolita in the area.
  22. A pair of comfortable but cute shoes, for days when you're all dressed up but know you're going to be walking a lot.
  23. A pair of boots or even cute rain boots, for when the weather is less than nice but you still need to wear Lolita.
  24. A pair of wrist cuffs, to wear in the summer with short sleeves, and to wear in the cooler months with long sleeves to add a little extra ruffle to them. Or even to wear as sock toppers when you need to!
  25. A pair of fluffy and cute slippers, so you don't get the bottoms of your socks dirty while getting ready or walking around the house.
  26. A piece of clothing/accessory that always manages to impress people. Maybe it's a perfectly styled wig, a rare print, a unique hand made piece, or something over-the-top extravagant.
  27. An elegant place to relax after a day of wearing all the layers and frills of Lolita.
  28. A tube of sock glue, for that pair of socks that you can never get to stay up.
  29. A favorite color or motif so you can get excited when designers release something featuring it.
  30. A story you can share whenever people ask you "How did you first discover Lolita?"
So what do you think? Have you got these all pretty much covered or do you still need a few of these? Or, on the other hand, do you disagree completely and do you think these don't really matter for a Lolita?

I really like lists like this, even though they're sometimes silly and not always realistic. But they have a certain, almost nostalgic, charm to them that makes me remember why I fell for the style in the first place!


  1. Number thirteen is just plain idiotic. I hate Mana, I want NOTHING to do with him. He has absolutely no place in my personal Lolita world.

    1. Keep in mind if it weren't for Mana the Lolita style as a whole would have been a flash in the pan fad. If that.

    2. Lolita went pretty well even before Mana created his clothing line, Angelic Pretty had started since 1979. And half the lolitas I know don't even know who Mana is .__.

    3. Woa there friend, sorry you don't like Mana, but no need to spit angrily like that on such a nice post. Just ignore #13 darling.

  2. Isn't it amazing though how so many hobbies/lifestyles/fashions tend to attract the same people, no matter how unrelated?  I myself am more of a cosplayer(go ahead, boo) but I adore steampunk!  and Lolita is pretty to look at, and a trip to wear(and on occasion I do).  And then of course, the really hardcore members of these groups have a tendency to hate the other groups and act like Purists.  Either way!  Glad to see some steampunk love!

    1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes cosplay, steampunk and lolita!

  3. Because of my lack of job, I'm trapped in newb-territory! I barely have any of this stuff!

  4. I would add a clothing steamer and an iron to the list.


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