I Do Declare's Giveaway, Some Sold Out Lucky Packs, and 500k Hits

A few weeks ago Kelsey of I Do Declare was having a give away on her blog. I commented on the post not expecting much, since I never (and I mean never) win giveaways. But about a week ago as I was going through my blog roll I saw she was announcing the winner. I almost skipped over it because I thought "Oh, well that has nothing to do with me XD" But I clicked anyways and was quite surprised to find that I was the lucky random winner of a couple totes and a tee shirt, all of which are screen printed with I Do Declare's unique designs!

The prize, all bundled up and pretty! I loved the card, it was so elegant and fit Kelsey's designs perfectly.

I promptly tore into the package to see what I got! Even though I already knew what it was XD I was still surprised to find two totes in the package (only 1 pictured, the other is identical, I just didn't have room in the picture for it).

The screen printing is awesome. On the totes it's thick and gorgeous, and on the tee it's much lighter and sort of vintage looking, which suits tees much better than thick printing, as thickly screen printed tees tend to crack and shrivel the first time you wash them. The design, as you can see, is an amazing unicorn. Angelic Pretty can keep their plump little carousel unicorns, I love badass medieval unicorns!

The tote bags are really great, if you want one for yourself you can pick them up at the I Do Declare Etsy shop. The very first thing I did with my totes? Filled them up with a dozen packages. What was I shipping out? Why, Ophanim lucky packs! I was completely prepared to announce them on my blog, I even made a fancy graphic and everything....

But, as you may have guessed, the lucky packs are all sold out. They actually sold out within a half hour! Something I was definitely not expecting! These were so successful I definitely plan on doing some more lucky packs once it gets a little closer to Christmas. If you want to grab one the next time I put them out, follow me on Twitter, since I'll be tweeting about them as I make them and when they are posted!

In keeping with this post's hodgepodge of awesomeness, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for reading my blog :D You might not notice it, since it's aaaall the way at the bottom of the page in a tiny little font, but my hit counter hit 500,000 sometime two nights ago. I tweeted for people to be on the look out for that then went to sleep, the next morning I got a few screen shots of counts reaaaally close to the 500k, including one of 499,999 by Zeloco of the Etsy shop Eat Me Ink Me. I figured the 500k went unnoticed until later that day Neena commented on my lucky pack sales post letting me know that she actually got the 500k but couldn't send me a message on Twitter about it! She sent me a full page screen shot, but I've cropped it just to show you the magic number.

500,000 hits :D That's half a million! Thanks again to everyone who reads F Yeah Lolita!


  1. :) Thanks for the link back! I'll have to be faster next time you sell your lucky packs...!

  2. That's awesome! It sounds like things have been going really well for you lately; congratulations! XD <3

  3. I am really sad I missed the lucky packs! I will definitely be watching for next time!

  4. I saw that your LPs were sold out, I was quite saddened I didn't get a chance to buy one! Glad to see you may be putting out some more... hopefully I don't miss it this time.

    Congrats on your half million!

  5. Such wonderful items, I love I Do Declare!!!

  6. Yay for you winning the giveaway! And yay for 500,000 hits! Amazing! I hope to help you get to 1,000,000 by this time next year ^_~

  7. Congrats on 500,000! That's amazing!


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