Wish Lists & Dream Dresses: Angelic Pretty

Dream dresses are something most Lolitas have. They are often rare or expensive items that for the most part they can only dream about owning. Wish lists, on the other hand, are simply the dresses that you would eventually like to get your hands on. They might be rare, they might not be, you just wish you had them.

While most Lolitas make lists like these, in the past I have never really bothered with it. My tastes change a lot and I can never stick to whatever kind of Lolita shopping list I make. Recently though, I have put a little more thought into making up a list of things I would seriously love to have hanging in my wardrobe. Instead of doing them all at once, I will be doing an occasional post about the pieces I want most of all. Today's post is a rather short one about Angelic Pretty. I'm not typically an Angelic Pretty fan, I don't get excited when they release new prints, I just generally don't care all that much for them. It's probably just because I'm not very good at being a pastel rainbow of a Sweet Lolita, I like my Sweet Lolita to be a bit simpler. But there are a small number of Angelic Pretty dresses that I really do love and would love to be able to call my own.

Rose Toilette

My #1 Angelic Pretty dream dress, completely overshadowing the other two on this list is Rose Toilette in red. Either the OP or the JSK is what I really want. What is it about this dress that I love so much? A lot of things. The print is gorgeous, I love how simple it is compared to recent AP prints, nothing is tipped over, there are no unicorns barging in, just a row of perfume bottles along the hem. I am also a huge fan of the vertical stripes! I'm a sucker for vertical stripes with Lolita, and if I didn't restrain myself my whole wardrobe would be nothing but vertical stripes. They just look extra pretty and delicate in this design. As I said, red is my dream colorway of this dress because the deep red is just gorgeous. AP rarely releases red dresses, and it's very nice to see Sweet Lolita in red. Besides the print and the gorgeous color, the cut of the dress is just lovely. It's not overly simple, it has a cut and style as detailed and lovely as the print. I am a huge fan of the solid gathered top, and I think it balances nicely with the wide print on the hem.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a rather old AP print, from around 2006, when they were still doing screen printing but just before they moved to multicolor screen printing, so it still has the look of a much older AP dress. This is on my wish list because I have loved this print for a long time! Back in the day Fan+Friend used to sell a rather crappy knock off of this dress, that was always extra long and the images weren't so much screen printed as they were iron-on-transfered onto the dress, so they always looked yellowed. That is where I originally saw this dress, but once I found that it was a real Lolita dress I realized that it could be so much better than the F+F version. I have actually never seen the original dress for sale! I'm sure it goes on sale originally, but I have always missed out completely on it.

Wonder Party

While I've always liked Wonder Party, for a lot of the same reasons as I liked Rose Toilette (the neat and even print, the vertical stripes) I never really thought too much about it until I went looking for pictures of it. It really is a beautiful print, as well as a unique cut and style. The black colorway is very pretty because it's black and a blueish gray, which is very unusual for AP's black colorways. I've come to realize that this print is sort of my "substitute" Rose Toilette because they look so similar but this one is a little cheaper as well as sold a little bit more.

These are the handful of Angelic Pretty dresses I would just love to have. What about the rest of you? Do you keep detailed and ever-updated wish lists? Or do you just have a preferred color or theme that you keep an eye out for? What specific Angelic Pretty dresses (not just prints!) do you wish you had? Saying "All of them!" doesn't count XD


  1. i've never really left a comment on your blog, but i think this is an article that really appeals to me!
    My Dream Dress is probably the

    My Wish List Includes
    1. the Ballerina print from this page:http://community.livejournal.com/egl/13813157.html

    2. Twinkle Mermaid (AP
    3. Fantasic Dolly (AP)
    4. Rose Jacquard Jumperskirt with Pearls (IW)

    hope you get your DD!

  2. I have my wish list here: http://sweetmaniac.livejournal.com/4340.html
    It also includes things which are still avaible, but I don't buy them because I don't have the right outfit for them (like the Tea Party Shoes) ^_^

    I also find Rose Toilette very beautiful! I saw it once at a Lolita Meeting, and since then it is on my wish list ^.^

    I really don't like OTT-Sweet-Lolita, but I love AP! I especially like their bags and blouses, because they are much more detailed than other brands. And if you buy second hand, you find older AP dresses which don't have OTT prints, but are old-school-one-colored-dresses xD

  3. Hihiii, Rose Toilette must be on a wishlist!! ^-^

  4. Secret Garden looks nice...I'd enjoy owning that. ^_^

  5. The first one is definitely my favorite! Even though I don't make a good Sweet Lolita, I still adore Sweet Lolita items and Angelic Pretty in general...^-^

  6. Looks like SOMEONE was reading my LJ. lol.

  7. I prefer simple sweet Lolita too! I adore Rose Toilette, it's one of my absolute favourite prints of any brand. I feel really lucky to own the skirt in pink. The details are gorgeous, I love the little butterflies, just everything!

  8. I dream of Puppet Circus in any color but pink, any part of the series. all I need is to magically shrink my boobs, magically find a ridiculous amount of money, and magically find someone willing to part with the velvety beauty!

  9. Ah, Rose Toilette.... <3 I long with you, Caro-chan!

    Unbelievable, I was just thinking of doing an article with a wishlist too and then you pop up! XD

  10. I try not to be a super sweet Lolita, but there are some AP prints that have won my heart: Wonder Party, Melty Chocolate, Jewelry Jelly, Starry Night Theater, and Happy Garden [even though i hated it when it first came out, i can't help but love it now...]

  11. Magical Etoile OP in black plz.

    It's pretty much my only dream dress. *____* I don't think I could even pull it off, but it's so gorgeous that I need it in my life.

    Rose Toilette in red is quite lovely as well! That's probably up there on my list, along with Heart Marine (OP? JSK? skirt? who cares!) in red. I wish I had just one totally crazy out there AP print (I have one of the Sweet Jam JSKs in red, but that's not the same...), but I tend to prefer the slightly more elegant pieces of theirs, like Rose Toilette, anything with a rose print, solid colours or basic prints, etc. I'm loving Fantastic Dolly (in red... see a theme?) and that skirt with the large bow print the most of their newer things. I can only hope that the bow print skirt will decrease in price over time and I can nab one for cheap for casual coords.

  12. I don't really keep a wishlist (it would be really, really, long) except for a few dresses in my mind I know I'd like AP, for me, is a bit of a grey zone, because I don't really like much Sweet, but I do like a couple AP dresses.

    My biggest, biggest one (the one that made me think maybe AP isn't *too* bad) is Melty Chocolate. I really love it =) I also rather like Wonder Cookie (the darker blue version...the stripes pulled me in XD), Milky Berry (I want the black bag) and somehow I rather like that new print, Merry Making Party (white version, either OP or JSK). There are also a few prints I love, but don't really want (fantastic dolly) and a few of the more non-loli-ish articles of clothing on the AP website I rather like for the cut, but would rather make something similar for myself. Of course, if I searched for older Angelic Pretty dresses, this list would probably increase 3 fold or something....

  13. I keep a wishlist, but nothing on it is from AP. My dream dress is actually a Meta print, their Swan Lake JSK in the black colorway. If I had to pick an AP dress to buy, it would be Melty Chocolate for sure. I love the mint/chocolate color combo, it's not too sweet, but it's unique and really pretty.

  14. I don't even like AP, but Wonder Party is adorable!! DO WANT!!

    ...*passes out do to conflicting cheapness and wanting-ness*

  15. I usually wear classic Lolita but recently I love to draw AP-like designs. I like to look at it, too, in magazines and at their website. I've always said to myself that I don't need an OTT-AP-dress because I wouldn't feel right wearing it. I used to feel too old for AP but then I realized that I'm only 18 years old, which is, by far, not too old.
    There are two particular series I like, one being their, in my opinion, ultimate OTT-print Milky Planet, the other one is the wonder cookie series. In the end, it was only a few days ago, I bought a blue wonder cookie JSK from closet child. Now I have to spend some time thinking how I can involve it in my closet.

    I don't keep a detailed wish list. However, there are dresses I keep an eye on and am very tempted to buy them when I see them. I guess that's pretty normal though. Recently there are very many AATP-JSKs on my wish list.

  16. http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/11438943.html

  17. This is my wishlist here! http://www.flickr.com/photos/punkneko66/
    I love Rose Toilette too~ I want the JSK in black, mint, or red so much!

  18. My top 3 dream AP prints have to be:
    Starry Night Theater in blue
    Twinkle Mermaid in black
    Fruits Parlor in Black/Pink

  19. I don't really keep up with the latest prints and dresses that brands come out with, mostly because I'll get sad if I look since I don't have a job. xD So my wish list is fairly small and consists mostly of dresses that can be used outside of lolita.

    There's about three dresses that I am determined to eventually own from Mary Magdalene, but I don't know the names of them. xD; [I can see them perfectly in my head though.] As for BTSSB, anything from Queen's Coach and Masquerade Theater I would kill for, and hopefully I can get my hands on them at some point! <3 And that's about it for dream dresses. xD

  20. I don't usually like overly cute things but I have always wanted something with milky chan on it. That fawn is so cute! I asked my husband to get me a milky chan bangle for Christmas.

    I like Wonder Party and Rose Toilette too! And I want Crown Trump and Wonder Cookie. That would probably be my AP top 5 :)

  21. Baby's stained glass print JSK 2nd version in black, since I already have the 1st version in white. >_<

  22. Hello! I was browsing Closet Child, and when I saw this dress I remembered your wishlist post ^_^ So I'd like to leave you this link, I don't know if you'll have use for it, but still! It's the Rose Toilette red OP. =)

  23. Thanks for the heads up! I actually found the skirt in pink 2 days ago and bought it XD

  24. Ah,what a late reply, sorry! XD I'm happy that you found the skirt in the end, I saw the post, it's beautiful! ^_^

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