A Few Of My Newest Pieces

As I rambled about briefly in the post before this, I have been doing a little bit of closet cleaning, okay, so it's a bit more like closet turnover. I've been selling off stuff I never wore, or wore only a few times, mainly super sweet stuff, and replacing it with new pieces that fit with the style I've been leaning towards lately. I have recently begun to get into a more Classic Lolita style, but most of my wardrobe is Gothic or Sweet Lolita in black and pink, not exactly a Classic friendly wardrobe. Not all of the pieces I have bought in the past couple months are strictly Classic Lolita, but I think they have a Classic feel to them.

My haul, 2 JSKs, and 4 skirts. These include a 2004 Sleeping Princess JSK, Baby's Alice Portrait JSK, 2 Bodyline skirts, an In The Starlight skirt, and an epically old Metamorphose gobelin print skirt. Now, let's take a closer look at a few of these!

The print and details on Baby's Alice Portrait JSK is just amazing! Click it for a larger view to see the card suit lace and just how cute the portraits are. I am not that much of an Alice fan, so I am really happy to see that they kept the Aliceness to a minimum on this print.

I found this while digging around the sales community, it's an Angelic Pretty print from 2004, Sleeping Princess, well before their days of all over, over the top pastel prints. I am honestly not quite sure what I am going to do with this dress! As red and white is pretty damned sweet and I've been trying to stay away from that slippery slope, but the red is a rather dark red, so I am hoping to make a more Classic Lolita coordinate out of it. I'm planning on hunting down one of those red Meta boleros that came in lucky packs a few years ago to pair with this along with some red heels. it's probably going to be a pain to match up all those reds though!

Here is a couple detail shots. I'm just loving the print, as well as the eyelet lace along the hem! I'm also big on the faux bows on the front. Sometimes, especially on older Lolita pieces, instead of bows on the bodice they had these strips of fabric going across that are tied in the middle. It looks just like a bow, but without the hassle of it sticking up in awkward positions I guess.

Quite possibly my favorite piece from the haul is this Metamorphose gobelin print skirt. Aah, the grandma couch dress, it's a classic! After I got it I realized that it looked sort of familiar, and that's because I recognized it from this picture from 2000 of Sachi. Which just makes me love this skirt all the more. I don't know if my skirt is over 10 years old, as Meta has been releasing gobelin pieces since the dawn of time, and the lace on my skirt's hem looks a bit longer than the one on Sachi, but still, I love the fact that this skirt design is one from Lolita's early days.

Yes, the Meta skirt is covered in Raschel lace, but it's soft and delicate looking, so it gets away with it. Plus, check out the lace along the hem, it's covered in fleur-de-lis and winged crosses!

Have you noticed my growing obsession with older Lolita pieces? While I've always likes a fair share of older Lolita designs, probably because I've been interested in the fashion for so long that some of these were new when I first found out about Lolita, so some are kind of my original dream dresses XD But after doing some research for this post, about Lolita's history, I became really enamored with older pieces, the older the better! And to get my hands on a couple of these pieces has really been a dream. I think even the most up-to-date Lolita, even one who has only been in the fashion for a very short amount of time, should have at least one older piece of brand, even if it's just an old fashioned rectangle headdress. I don't know what it is about older pieces, but to me they feel sort of magical, as silly as it sounds, especially the thought that it has exchanged hands and been well loved by several different Lolitas, even if it was sold because it just isn't their style any more.


  1. Oh I'm quite fond of that Alice print too! But I like it because it seems especially Alice to me, none of the silly Disney stuff, but the things that are actually in the books (or the second in particular) like the kittens and Humpty Dumpty, it pleases me to no end! :)

    A very nice haul I think you have there, in any case.
    I realised just now that I haven't actually commented on your blog before, but I've been reading it for a little while. I hope you don't mind me suddenly surfacing out of the blue!

  2. I guess that's why I like the print, it's not Disney Alice, or cliche Alice, they could have gone the easy route and had portraits of the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts, but instead they went subtle with it, which I really like.

    XD I don't mind the sudden comments at all!

  3. I love the red ap dress, and have been lusting after alice portraits....needless to say i am very jealous!!

  4. Wow I'm very fond of you old school AP dress and Meta Skirt! Gobelin Print is just fabulous, I really need an outfit like this in blue *o*

    And this Alice portrait is so cute!

    You must be really happy to have all these now!

    Oh and I agree so much with you when ou say that older pieces are magical! I own a dress from the first collection of moitié, featured in the first GLB, and I'm waiting for a bunch of Baby Black x white clothes from 2001-2004 and I can't believe I own these fabulous fabric dreams!

    Sorry for my enthousiasm ^///^

  5. Oh wow, that's a gorgeous haul! I've just fallen *in love* with that Granny-Couch Meta skirt. I have to admit, I adore sofa prints like that. xD It looks so gloriously antique - it makes mystical pictures of old enchanted withdrawing rooms float before my eyes, darkened and dust-covered rooms in red and purple and gold, full of beautiful clutter, embossed red velvet curtains hanging back with long tassels from a dust-covered window of warped glass that gazes out on a dark haunted forest as a heavy, perfumed, stifling afternoon sun ignites the dust that floats around the room... ^-^;
    Ngh. Wow. I think I need a granny-print skirt now!

  6. I'm so in love with the Sleeping Beauty JSK-- she's had that up for sale for a while now, and I've had to talk myself out of buying it several times XD

    I also really like the subtlety of the Alice's Portrait print. It reminds me of the original Tenniel illustrations. The only other print I've found that evokes the same feel is the old AATP Pirate Alice print, and even that's not quite the same. I would love a dress that had the illustration of Alice carrying the baby pig!

    And I definitely agree, it's nice to have old brand. Aside from the fact that the fit is better (for me, anyways dX), I've always felt that the materials and construction are a bit nicer, and the overall style is just what made me fall in love with lolita to begin with-- how could I not want that? I think it's different for girls who are just getting into the fashion, though, since the "original" lolita was probably some scans of new AP ads or something.

  7. I love that meta skirt (and the Bodyline one with roses)--roses are one of my favorite motifs, and I really like red! As a fellow romantigoth/gothic lolita type--although I'm very new to the second of those--I can offer my opinion that red is a wonderful color to have in one's wardrobe, for gothic as well as classic. Sadly, I don't own too many red items yet, but I shall work on that.

    I enjoy your blog very much (especially since there aren't too many from a gothic lolita's point of view, much as I love all the adorable sweet lolis), so thanks for posting!

  8. Baby's Alice Portrait print is so lovely that it's made me covet newer prints for the season. That said I do love the older prints metamorphose have done, 80% of my dream items are meta because of their wonderful prints!

  9. Exactly! :) You can tell whoever it was that designed the dress had actually read the book, unlike with Bodyline's Alice print for example, which comes complete with pink and purple Disney cat, grr!
    And they even managed to avoid the blue dress thing for Alice, I thought that was quite nice. :)

    Haha, I'm relieved! XD

  10. For that red dress ,I think it would love lovely with a high-neck white blouse, the red bolero you mentioned or a white lace shawl, lace tights, and maybe red shoes with a red fascinator.

    It's really interesting, seeing those older pieces. It's surprising to see just how classic a lot of older lolita stuff is. My favorite dress ever is an old Angelic Pretty piece from around '04, I think? It's a light blue floral with a bustle skirt and shirring on the bodice... so different from the stuff they've done since!

  11. Wow, those prints are adorable, especially the Alice Portrait!
    Lovely choice that you've made there!

  12. Really nice collection. The colors are beautiful. Was the quality of the black bodyline skirt with the red roses good? I really liked it but I couldnt tell from the pictures on the site. Thank you for posting this

  13. Love the old Angelic Pretty print!! Looks so cute!! <3<3<3<3

  14. I know this is one of your older posts, but I just found your blog and have been reading my way through everything! :p

    The Metamorphose skirt you got actually inspired a skirt design of my own and I'm currently writing up a tutorial for my own blog - would you mind if I used your picture [with credit and a link back to this post and your blog, of course] just to show where I got the inspiration from?

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