A New Blog Showcasing my Bonnets

I'm pretty much back in the swing of things when it comes to blogging, so much so that I have opened up a little side project blog to go along with my Etsy shop. So if you're interested in checking out my progress when it comes to bonnet making, and other various crafts, check it out.

I've recently updated the Ophanim shop blog with pictures of one of my newest bonnets. This one was commissioned to match AatP's Sleeping Beauty print in ivory, there are a ton more pictures of it on the blog.

Photo by Miss Lumpy

In addition to the ivory bonnet, I completed a blue and cream bonnet for the blogger Miss Lumpy to match a dress. Check out her review of my bonnet and a few more pictures!

I have a few more bonnets in the works, one of which is a very Spank/Barbie OTT Sweet pink monstrosity, as well as a ton of sketches for future bonnets, so keep an eye out for that on my other blog, Ophanim.


  1. What lovely bonnets. I don't own one, but I wish I did.

  2. I'm sorry I must be completely dosed up on flu meds because i seriously didn't know that you made bonnets. That is so cool! I love it when people make Lolita clothing. In South Africa there are no Lolita shops and ordering online is very expensive so I have to make all the clothing that I get. :D

  3. I need to get one of your bonnets- as soon as I move back to Savannah where the weather is more sunshine less tornado. Right now I'm in Oklahoma and there's a lack of... artistic fashion. Your bonnets will be perfect to get me back into the groove. By chance you have any tips about the wiring? My fiance wants me to make him a mini-hat. He's more of a gothic lolita on a good day- Dandy on a bad day.

  4. D:!!! If you ever need help with making Lolita clothing give me a call. I may not be good with wiring but I sew and embroider like a maniac.

  5. Lovely ^-^
    I don't like bonnets very much, but your works are really nice <3

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