Baby's Sugar Rose Cake Print

Baby the Stars Shine Bright has come out with a new, dessert themed, print called Sugar Rose Cake. As usual for Baby, the print is elegant and delicate, instead of uber-kawaii. While I'm loving the print, I sort of wish that there was a little more contrast in it, so I can actually see what's going on in the print, as some of the lighter colors kind of blend together and some of the really cute details, like the stripes of ribbons, are lost. As usual, there are several things to be offered in Baby's newest print.

The design of the JSK is rather simple, just a ruffle at the bottom and a few big bows to add some interest. There is not even a whole lot of lace on it, besides around the top and hemming the bows. The one thing I am not a fan of on this JSK is the bodice.
While I usually really like gathered tops like this, the extra wide strap around the top looks really awkward, especially on anyone who would be filling out the bust a bit. While gathers on a bodice are usually a godsend for busty girls, giving a few extra inches where they need it, a wide non-gathered strap running across tends to make it poof out really weird. While I'm by no means busty I have a blouse designed like this and it's pretty designated to the to-be-worn-under-JSKs-only pile.

 The OP in this print is absolutely perfect for such a sweet print! I love the lace details on the bodice, it's really a perfect Sweet Lolita design. While it doesn't look like it in the above picture, the dress is actually an empire waisted dress. With the addition of a detachable bow belt it really changes the whole look of the dress!
Without the bow belt the dress looks instantly a little more elegant and classically Baby. I wish all empire waisted dresses came with a matching belt to instantly change their looks!

The skirt design is also cute, the detachable bow and the bottom ruffle make it more interesting than just relying on the print while keeping it simple. The color they used on the skirt picture is an example of what I was talking about with some of the colorways. You can barely tell there are cute cakes on that skirt at all! I'm hoping that in real life, up close, the print is more noticeable, because it's such a cute and elegant print so it's such a shame to not be able to see it at all.

Of course you are going to need a matching head piece! So baby has put out a cute head eating bow to match their newest pieces. While it's very large and over-the-top because of it's own hugeness, it's still rather simple, just some cute, high quality lace. No bows upon bows or mini cakes to wear on your head.

In addition to the new Sugar Rose Cake print I saw this on their reserve page, and just had to mention it because, while pricey (about $50) it is really cute. It is a little bear plushie Kanzashi, which is hair ornament used in traditional Japanese hair styles. You certainly don't need a traditional hair style to wear it with though, it would look cute in any OTT hairstyle.


  1. I've sometimes found that BABY's more pastel prints are a lot more visible in real life than they were on the photos. I think they must just contrast them quite a lot - like their parasols, the pink ones look very pale and frosted-sugar pastel on the photos, but in real life they're much more noticeably *pink*. So this is probably one of them. C:

    That is such an unflattering bodice on the JSK. D: That gathering could make even the tiniest girl look as though she were developing a tummy. Possibly it looks worse because they use such flat-chested clothes stands, though, I can imagine it might look a little better on someone with a moderate but not large bust and a small waist. But that skirt is gorgeous! I think I just fell in love. <3

  2. The little bear plushie Kanzashi is so cute! I want to get one of those.

  3. I like the bodice on the JSK but it wouldn't look good on me, haha! XD;; I guess I just like it on the mannequin.
    I reserved the skirt in sax blue and I'm looking forward to seeing the detailing on the print since it's barely noticeable in their photos! D:

  4. I love your bonnets ^^

  5. oops posted my comment in the wrong place.

  6. Many might said this, but me too - it still reminds me of Angelic Pretty *_*'


    ...Yet I am but a poor highschooler, who makes here money off babysitting and is almost six feet tall.

  8. Does anyone know if Baby delivers to England?

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