Lolita Craftaton Part 1: Felt Cakes. Plus A Few Pictures of My BJD

If you've been keeping up with me on Twitter, you might notice my constant craft tweets! That's because I have about a month (now considerably less!) to make enough cute crafts to fill up a vendors table. Today I just want to show off one of things I have been making, one of the more useless things I might add, but they're very fun to make, none the less. I'm talking about felt cakes.

My goal is to make 8 pieces, so that I have a whole cake worth of slices! So only 5 more to go. Do you think I can do it? I'm not too sure if I can, or even if I can think up 8 different kinds of cake to make! I do have the urge to make mini cake top hats. Tacky, yes, but they look really fun to make! And I really like making felt whipped cream dollops, they are just really satisfying for some reason.

Other things I have been making, which I will probably make separate posts about about are rings, brooches, sweets charms, rose hair clips, and a few veiled fascinators. Maybe even some small bound books if I think I have the energy to do that XD I am trying to focus more on making cute stuff for the convention. After it's over I'm going to focus more on Gothicky and Classic accessories.

I am also trying to think up ways to set up a table. If I was mostly selling Gothic stuff, I would be all set. I would take one of my lace table clothes, put a tapestry or two over it, and use some of my collection of antique books to display things. But that might look a little out of place, so I will probably go for something a little simpler

Finally, because I was messing around with my new camera, a few BJD photos. I have a rather large collection of ball jointed dolls, and most of my girls wear Lolita clothes. This is my Alice in Labyrinth Chloe, my current favorite. She's wearing a Dollheart blouse (to hide the fact that he head is heavily blushed and her neck... not at all blushed), under a Dollmore dress.

I love me some hip and "artsy" off center photos.

And sometimes I even bother taking pictures of her whole face. I love her sleepy eyes.

I'm awful at posing this girl. She's on a Dreaming Doll body, which is completely useless for posing, but it's beautifully sculpted. So she just sits around looking pretty most of the time.


  1. Ho-k so I freaking love those cakes- a few others could be
    ~some cake with jelly as the center little line
    ~a black and white cake
    ~red velvet
    Just a few ideas

  2. Ok, if you're selling the cakes at the con, please use a real cake stand! =D it would look toooo cute!

  3. Those cake slices look scrumptious!

  4. I just loooove those felt cake slices! They inspired me to pick supplies yesterday for a felt cake slice of my own, haha XD

    The BJD looks lovely too. I love the cameo she's wearing <3


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