Wintery Lolita Coordinates

Winter has been slowing sneaking up on us and a few places are even getting their first snow of the year! There's no point in making a post about dressing warmly for winter, because it would just be a rehash of the tips from Dressing Cozy for Autumn. So instead, here are a few ideas for winter themed outfits.

Snow Queen
To you, nothing is better than getting up and seeing frost on your window and the trees weighed down with snow. Winter just doesn't officially start till it snows! This coordinate features a white JSK from Metamorphose with a fake fur hem paired with a simple white blouse. A fluffy white shrug keeps you warm while reminding you of great big banks of snow. A pair of white tights with a slight silver glitter to them, matched with a sequined purse and glittery silver jewelery complete the look. Blush your cheeks to give you a fresh-from-playing-in-the-snow look!

Holiday Cheer
The holiday season is often filled with lots of parties, and you'd love to dress festively, but a snowman covered sweater isn't exactly your thing. Try a lush velvet JSK in a deep burgundy (or even dark green!) paired with a cream colored blouse. Accessorize with gold jewelery set with stones to match your dress. A pair of thick creme colored tights and some red velvet heels go perfectly. Wear your hair in classic ringlets.

Merry Krampusmas

Maybe the holiday season isn't your thing. You're not a Grinch (and you're probably going to punch someone in the face the next time they call you that) it's just that you appreciate winter for it's shorter days, and prefer Krampus over Santa Clause. Look towards the Victorian era for inspiration this holiday season. Try a decadent JSK and blouse combo, with a lush black velvet bolero over it. Try wearing a fancy bonnet to keep your ears warm. Pair up your Victorian boots with some crochet tights. Accessorize with a dainty evening bag, gloves, and some silver jewelry that echos the Victorian ideas of the holidays such as angel wings or religious icons. Wear lipgloss the color of holly berries, or, as you prefer to think of it, the color of blood on snow.


  1. Maybe some wintery coordinates for us who dress in boystyle? :}

  2. Wow, I love the wine coordinate @__@
    I have a warm skin-tone, so seeing all the gold-accents makes me wanna wear it so badly! ><
    Plus isn't the jsk velvet? That's great to keep me warm. xDD


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