Hoping you all had a happy Loliday

Another International Lolita Day has passed! We're lucky enough to have two a year to make an excuse to dress up in our frilly finery and paint the town red... or perhaps pink would be more appropriate. If you're unfamiliar with this fantastic bi-annual holiday, it falls on the first Saturday of both June and December. If you want to know a bit more about International Lolita Day check out this LJ comment with the original manifesto of sorts from back when this most sacred of holidays was born.

In honor of International Lolita Day, here are some less-than-serious tips on how to make yourself the super mega kawaiiest rorita out there!
  • Make sure at least one meal a day consists of cupcakes. Frost them to match your dress!
  • Put aside 50-75% of your weekly income in your piggy bank to save up for Lolita dresses. To make saving more fun, deco your piggy bank with rhinestones and cupcake charms. The remainder of your income (minus cupcake money, of course) should be put in a separate piggy bank, to be saved up for your trip to Japan.
  • If your town is touristy enough to have a horse drawn carriage that parades through the street, say hello to your new mode of transportation! Even if you just need to cross town to pick up some cream for your tea, now you'll be doing it in style.
  • Stuck with a name like Bertha or Henrietta and you don't think it properly conveys your Lolitaness? Well them it's time for a name change! First choose a title such as "Miss", "Princess", or perhaps even "Baroness". Next you're going to need an elegant first name, pick something from a play, opera, classic literature, or Disney movie. If you can't decide on one name, go all out and choose upwards of 4! Finally, you might want to consider a suffix. Either a roman numeral of some kind, to show that you come from a long line of elegant ladies, or a "chan" or "sama" because, you know, Japan. You may now refer to me as Duchess Caroline-Alice-Aurora-Cinderella VI-chan.
  • Wake up bright and early and head to the kitchen! Bake so many pink frosted cakes that you'll put even Mrs. Cleaver to shame! Of course, you will be doing all of your baking in your finest Burando apron.
  • Start a rose garden! Plant a rose bush to match each of your favorite dresses so you always have the perfect accessories growing in your back yard.
  • Ask the question "Is this place Loliable?" every time you go somewhere. Would you really be caught dead in the cereal section of your local grocery store? Absolutely not! Rice Krispy Treats clash horribly with your new dress! Stay far away from places like that. Do all your shopping at quaint Mom & Pop shops. If your town doesn't have some place like that, move to somewhere that does!
  • In fact, does your town have parks to take strolls in, meadows to twirl in the mid-morning sun in, forests to frolic in? If the answer is no, then you simply must move! These things are as essential as perfectly coiffed ringlets and lace topped knee socks to a Lolita wardrobe.
If you want some less-than-horrible Lolita tips in list form, check out these lists from various Lolita bloggers. These range from practical to more Lifestyle oriented, but they're all great ways to get inspired when it comes to Lolitifying yourself.

Finally, I would like to point out that I've started a new section on my blog called Ask Miss Caro-chan (when it's no longer 4am I am probably going to regret calling it that!) in which you can ask me whatever type of Lolita related question your little heart desires and I'll do my darnedest to answer them in featured Ask Miss Caro-chan posts. I've posted a link in the side bar to the page with a bit more detail, and where you can direct your questions to, check it out and ask away!


  1. omg lolita holiday!!!

    *dies of excitment

  2. I had a good International Lolita Day. I flew down to my country's capital to spend it with the lolitas there :)

    I love the rose garden tip :D I have a lot of pretty roses growing. Now, if only I could grow some black and some pastel blue roses, my accessorising opportunities would be complete! :D

  3. Bertha can be changed to Berthe or Bertille and Henrietta is better as Henriette! Variants in other countries can be more loli!

  4. Wow! In Kolkata, we still ahve horse-driven carriages, and sure, we are the only remaining city in India to have trams, still.


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