Room Prints

Meta's Room Print from a few years ago is one of my favorite prints, I own the white version and it's just a really fun skirt to coordinate with. While it's mostly a white skirt it has so many different colors in it, black, pale pink, bright pink, and even gold, that I can choose from. It's just an awesome print. Recently, a few other brands have been coming out with their own versions of a print featuring the perfect Lolita room.

Metamorphose: Room Print
The original room print dress, simply called Room Print, released a couple years ago I think. It's classic Meta style, sort of a hot mess, but you sort of can't help but love it. The room is a neon pink, bow covered bedroom, complete with things like clocks, picture frames, lamps, even a poodle and a cat! Scattered above the border print is a variety of things like purses, necklaces, and perfume bottles. The illustration has a very 1950's style to it. I love this one so much because of the bright colors and the awesome wallpaper stripe background. My sister (who is 21) saw me wearing it one day and exclaimed "I want to play Barbies on your skirt!" which pretty much sums up why I love this print.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright: Lovely Sweet Room

Baby's take on the room print is a little bit more toned down than the Meta version. This is clearly a classy ladies room, complete with Victorian sofas, pretty cats, and fancy furniture. Instead of shoes and purses, the top part of the print is scattered with flower bunches. While the room print on Baby's version is indeed lovely, I think the harsh contrast of the upper part of the print clashes way too much. Were it done in a more subdued color, I would love this more than the Meta one.

Angelic Pretty: Dreamy Dollhouse

Angelic Pretty's take on the room print is typical of them, from far away I think it wouldn't look much different from any of their other prints. A border print filled with lots of cute room clutter. This is angelic pretty we're talking about here, so it looks like a toddlers room, lots of cute stuffed animals, rainbow striped and polka dotted foot stools and hat boxes, and a bed covered in even more cute stuffed animals. The upper part of the print is scattered with bows and candies and pretty much the same stuff most of their prints are scattered with.

Bodyline: Love Nadia

Okay, so I'm cheating. This isn't actually a room print, it's really a forest scene! It features cute Lolitas frolicking in a forest with baskets of apples. Sadly this print is nearly impossible to see on Bodylines website, so who knows there could be some sort of open air forest room on there. If you are looking for a print similar to the real brand's room scenes, this is probably the closest you are going to get. The best part is it's currently only $37 on Bodyline. It's a cute, nicely made dress, and it has polka dots on it! What more could you want for $37?


  1. There has been an older Room Print by Angelic Pretty I think. The one with the girl in the closet. I like that one a looot more than the current print they are going to release.
    But I still adore the Room Print from Metamorphose. I always wanted the black skirt and one day I'll get that one. :)
    But I also think that the white OP is super adorable! I love the white version of that print, but I'm happy if I feel brave enough for wearing the black version out to University! XD

  2. I think the concept of these room prints are cute. I love miniatures and dollhouse furniture, and I still sometimes play with Barbies :D

    The Meta Room Print is the best one in my opinion because you can see the furniture clearly, even though I'm not really fond of the wallpaper part :D

    I really prefer my prints to stand out from a distance, so I can show them off :)


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