Wardrobe Necessity: crazy tights

One cheap and easy thing you can buy to expand your Lolita wardrobe is a pair or two of funky tights. They are just the thing to add to a plain and simple coordinate to turn it into something unique and interesting. Luckily crazy tights and leggings have been in style for the past couple of seasons, so it is easy to go into nearly any clothing store and find a wide variety of tights, from neon solids to metallic to wild prints. If you don't think you're quite ready for something as insane as these holographic animal print leggings from Karmaloop, try going for something a bit simpler. Try a muted antique blue pair with a white dress, or a pair of slightly shimmery black tights with your next Gothic Lolita coordinate.

A pair of rainbow striped over-the-knee and some matching accessories can turn a simple pale pink outfit into something cute and almost deco without looking too over the top. The OTKs can be bought from Hot Topic. I'd take the little satin bows off them before wearing : P

A pair of purple lamé leggings and some matching metallic purple accessories turns a plain black outfit funky and fun. If you decide on a pair of leggings, rather than tights, wear them with boots so they don't look like leggings. Leggings with Lolita is typically seen as a bad idea, some people like it, most don't. I have to count myself in with the legging haters, it just tends to add an out of place informal element to the coordinate. These leggings can also be found at Hot Topic.

A pair of white tights, spotted with delicate blue flowers will add a sweet and elegant touch to an otherwise plain outfit. Add a few elegant pieces of blue jewelry to the outfit, such as a vintage style necklace and a flower ring. These stockings can be found at ModCloth.

A few places online to find some unique tights, should you live in the middle of nowhere.


  1. I'm new here, and loving your blog! I've read a lot of it already :3

    I really like your creative ideas - most lolitas cling so much to the rules they take all the fun away from the fashion!
    I'd soooo wear the black and purple outfit! <3

  2. I love this idea! I already own a lot of bright tights. My faves right now are candy apple red.

  3. Kimberly RobertsonJuly 1, 2012 at 8:33 AM

    I think I might try something similar to that rainbow one! XD


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