Tag & Bag Collection

What is it about Lolitas and the need to collect and save Brand shopping bags and tags? Sure, not every Lolita cares about such things and will throw them away without even giving it a second thought. But many of us save these little useless things. Most Brand tags are like little pieces of art, scrolling text and gilded boards, and the bags are just usually too big and pretty and OMG they once cradled our beloved fancy clothes all the way across the ocean right to our doors. How could we part with something like that?! While Lolita is bursting forth from every corner of my room, most of my wardrobe is bought second hand, so I have very few bags and tags in comparison to the clothes I own. So, because of this, tags and bags are still special to me. I only ever get them from things I bought straight from their stores. Okay, or sometimes I buy second hand things with tags still attached, or someone will use an Angelic Pretty bag to ship second hand Naoto to me, but it's still a thrill. Some girls complain about things like tags taking up space, but I just keep mine in a bundle tacked to my wall by my computer desk. It's something cute for me to look at when I need to be distracted. I try to keep the prices facing the wall, that's something I don't need to be reminded about all the time XD My bags I just keep flat in a larger bag behind a cabinet, they're not too special, but I can't bear to part with them.

My current tag collection
2 large Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
6 small Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
4 Metamorphose
1 Suppurate System
1 Amabile Manichina
1 h.NAOTO/ HN+nois
1 h.NAOTO/ h.julliette
1 Hello Kitty X h.NAOTO
1 Sex Pot Revence
1 Moi-même-Moitié
1 Black Peace Now

My Current Bag Collection
1 large paper Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
2 plastic Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
2 Metamorphose
1 Angelic Pretty
1 Heart E


I've also save those little plastic mystery folders, catalogs, and stickers, but those things tend to get shoved in my book shelf and forgotten.


  1. I never save the tags but I always save plastic bags from brands. They are made of heavier waxed plastic than regular Swedish plastic bags and are much more durable like that. Also they are a nice touch if you sell something and pack it in it's "correct" brand bag.

  2. Ahhhh, i LOVE this blog! Lolita is thee best <33 I have only ONE lolita dress I got for Christmas:( My fave is Punk-loli, and goth-loli :DD



  3. lol So I'm not the only one who likes collecting tags! XD Although so far the only one I have is Atelier Boz. XP

  4. I have got only a brand bag and tag in the place!
    But my mother always misuses them; she carries bottle in that bag and then t lies around!


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