Rose flavored desserts

I love rose flavored candies, teas, ice cream, and just about anything else flower flavored. If you've never had it before, it might seem a little strange, but it's a flavor that grows on you. What does this have to do with Lolita? Well, nothing really, besides the fact that I really like it, and roses are cute, right?
  • L'Anis de Flavigny makes delicious rose and violet flavored hard candies with an anise seed in the middle.
  • Teavana sells Rose Marzipan Delight tea. Which is also incredibly delicious.
  • Try some Greek rose petal jam on your toast in the morning.
  • Rose Turkish delights are always a great snack, and can usually be easily found at TJ Maxx for some reason, in the gift/food sections.
  • Keep a pack of Kuwarinka rose gum in your purse
  • I couldn't find any online, because it's a difficult thing to ship, but local Indian markets will usually stock rose flavored ice cream.
  • If you're good in the kitchen, you can make your own rose water and start trying out recipes with it. Try these lavander and rose cookies!
So whether you just want to try something new and tasty, or you're looking for something sweet to add to your next meet up's picnic, try something rose flavored.


  1. I really want to try and make rose desserts sometimes soon. Rose syrup is delicious, so I might try something with that.

  2. I remember reading this article quite a while back, and how it inspired me to want to try rose flavored products. I've had rose flavored lemonade a event in the past at my university, and had been trying to hunt it down forever. Recently, I decided to explore my neighborhoods local downtown area with shops and what not, and I found this tiny exotic market hidden in a restaurant with all kinds of miscellaneous items. I saw they had rose lemonade, rose water, and apparently sometimes get in about half of the other products on the list in here. It made me think of this blog immediately,and I got so excited to reread and just know I know can track down a little piece of the loll lifestyle that always seems to evade me. I just wanna thanks Miss Caro :) You really do find a way to make the small things about lolita exciting^^



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