Hello, and welcome to F* Yeah Lolita!

Welcome to F* Yeah Lolita, my little Lolita spot in the blarrgospere. Where I can rant and rave about ruffles and frills to my little black heart's content. And everyone will listen and care, right? Or not, but hey, everyone else in the Lolita world seems to be doing it, so why should I miss out on all the fun? I've been saying I should get off my butt and start a blog for a while now, so I was brainstorming Lolita blog names with my awesome super kawaii rorita Xan-chan and she came up with this brilliant name for a blog. It made me giggle, so I signed up.

What you can possibly expect from F* Yeah Lolita
Besides infrequent updates, mindless rambling, run on sentences, and the same old crap? I'm hoping to use this blog as a place I can share some tutorials, tips, coordinates, and any rantings I feel like making about the over-the-top and beautiful world of Lolita. Personally, I'm a Gothic Lolita, when I'm not just Goth, so most of my entries will focus on the darker and more elegant side of Lolita, not so much the pink and cupcake encrusted side that, despite what every lover of the Gothic Lolita style has been hoping for years, just doesn't want to step down out of the spotlight.

F* Yeah Lolita?
Yes, my blogs name is Fuck Yeah Lolita. But I'd rather not have the word “fuck” right there in the title and URL, just in case. The name made me giggle, plus, I think it pretty much sums up my feelings for Lolita. It's that butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling when I first see a Lolita dress I love and the excitement of finally getting my grubby little mitts on it followed by the barely contained giddiness of trying it on for the first time, doing a little twirl in front of the mirror, petticoats a-ruffling. I can hardly resist giggling like a wild school girl and squealing “Fuck yeah, Lolita!” over something as silly as dresses.

Eh, but who knows, I may get sick of (or totally embarrassed by) the name and change it.

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