Ask Miss Caro-chan

This is my special little section I like to call Ask Miss Caro-chan. If you have a question about Lolita or perhaps an entry you would like to see, then by all means ask by leaving a comment on this post. Feel free to post anonymously if you are too shy! If I have the answers or perhaps some handy advice, I'll make a post featuring the question. Questions can range from something very general such as "WTF is Aristocrat?", to coordinate advice, a question about Miss Caro-chan perhaps, or even something a bit more personal that you're looking for some advice on. I'll try my best to get your questions answered, so long as it has got to do with the frillz. I am sorry to say, but I might not be able post all questions asked, it depends on how many I am getting at one time.

Now, I used to have a form for you to ask questions on, but I've found I was getting a lot of questions that would require a very simple answer or something that I may have been asked before that didn't always need a completely new post about, so I've changed from a form to my Formspring account, so I can make whole posts for those that I need, and just answer in the Formspring for the ones that don't need a new post.

The only draw back to this new system is that there is a rather restricting limit to how long your question can be, but, for those of you with long questions, feel free to email me at

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