Pullip x Angelic Pretty

I love dolls, which is kind of strange because I never really liked them as a kid. But now they're just a blast. While I am not so much of a Sweet Lolita, my dolls tend to have rather large Sweet Lolita wardrobes. I just can't help it, if it's cute and small and made of plastic, I want to dress it up in something pink and frilly, stick it on a shelf, and giggle every time I pass it. That's why I sort of freaked out when I came across these little Pullips dressed in Angelic Pretty. I don't own any Pullips (or any Angelic Pretty for that matter), nor do I plan on starting a Pullip (or Angelic Pretty) collection, but these little girls are just too adorable. Cocotte especially. Look at those cheeks and big sparkly eyes! She's such a little cutie. These little bundles of ruffles and pink run over a hundred dollars a pop. There are three Angelic Pretty x Pullip girls to choose from and they can be pre-ordered from Valley Of The Dolls. I personally don't plan on doing anything more than oogling over these little cuties online, but I couldn't resist the public squeeing of adoration when I stumbled across them.

Two of the other girls from the collection, Maretti and Sfoglia


  1. I've wanted one of these since they came out! They're just great! I want Sfoglia. She's so beautiful, I just wish they put her in a better outfit. =P

  2. Wahh! I totally love those outfits! While I don't like pullips I do have some 1/6th dolls that would look adorable in those dresses. I also like some of the collaborations BTSSB did with Volks. :3

  3. yes ,she's totally awesome!!

  4. Hi! I've just looked at Valley of the Dolls and they are no longer taking orders :(

    Kisses, Melanie



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