Kawaii Box January 2015 Review

Subscription boxes are all the rage lately! It seems like there's a subscription box for every interest, but there are very few for the kawaii lover. Enter Kawaii Box, one of the only subscription boxes filled specifically with cute things. I personally subscribe to this box and pay for it with my own money, however, for January I was chosen as Kawaii Box's reviewer of the month, and was sent a free January box for review.

Kawaii Box arrives in a, well, kawaii box! With their cute logo printed right on the box, so you know exactly what you're getting when you see it in the mail. Everything in the box is packaged very well, small items are in little baggies and everything is covered nicely with pink tissue paper, all fitting snugly into the box. While my box was a little squished in the middle, nothing was damaged.

I love cute flyers like this, and Kawaii Box includes a few, including a cute handwritten note and a Blippo flyer, which I believe is their parent company, with a discount coupon on the back.

What I've definitely noticed in the boxes that I've gotten so far (and comparing the previous boxes listed on their site)  is that the contents are generally similar, each month I have noticed you tend to get a snack, a couple keychains, some stationery items, a mini pouch, and a few cute accessories, making each box more or less predictable (at least for the moment!). That being said, this is the selection of cute accessories in January's Kawaii Box. The nail polish glows in the dark and the bracelet is a soft minty green and would be a cute addition to any mint-based Lolita outfit! Personally, the thing I look forward to the most in these boxes are the little pouches. They're so cute and I always feel like I can use more little pouches like this!

This month had 3 different straps in it, including one gigantic plushy one! It's far too big for a phone strap, but would still look cute hanging on a purse. The little deco strap has a mirror on the back and the upset looking emoticon one is squishy!

The snack in this month's box were these little Rilakkuma crackers, they were light and fluffy and tasted a bit like savory corn chips. They were tasty, but most importantly probably, the packaging was totally adorable.

Another thing I really look forward to in these boxes are the stationery items! I only recently started to get in the habit of keeping a planner, and having cute stickers and pens really helps me get excited about writing stuff down in it. Kawaii Box is a quick and easy way for me to build up my collection of cute stickers and stationery!

Kawaii Box is 18.90 a month, including shipping, and I personally think it's a pretty good value. If you have an import store near you, even small items like this are going to end up adding up to around $30 or more. For me, the best thing about boxes like this is the surprise and the fun of getting something cute and usable in the mail. All of these things (except for the glasses, because I wear prescription glasses!) are things I can regularly use and enjoy. Kawaii Box is definitely something I look forward to getting!


  1. I loved everything! I use to order that box, I hope that soon I can retake the subscription!


  2. I recently canceled my subscription of the Kawaii Box, because if I am honest, as much as I like all the cute stuff, mostly half of the box ends in my give-away-pile. I just don't need all the keychains and stuff. Maybe that is the problem for me with the box, that every month the items are so similar.

  3. OMG, when I find a job (if I do TT_TT) one of the first things that I am going to do is subscribing to this and oyatsubox at least for a month. It is just so beautiful and exciting to get this things in the mail (I'm a Lolita, I should know how exciting international mail is! ><). The items look good quality, practic and VERY kawaii. Want.

  4. Being perfectly honest I feel that Kawaii box is a let down.
    Understandably it is meant to be a surprise and have a surprise element about it but it really does not!
    Like Salvia said you know pretty much what you are going to get because it is the same stuff mostly.
    Maybe it is a different color or style to the last time you got something similar but nonetheless with kawaii box after having 6-7 months worth you begin to realize it is not really worth it.
    There is so many other boxes out there aswell I just feel that kawaii box really need to step up there game.
    I personally would prefer less items if they were sure going to be different and unique from previous boxes or better yet they brought items that were actually difficult to find in other country's
    Alot of what they put inside there boxes you can find on eBay for very very cheap, So i feel like even though the surprise element is fun, that if you wanted all those items then just skip the surprise and order straight from eBay for dirt cheap saving you at least £5 most probably more.
    But regarding THIS review, I liked it.
    I like all your posts and I think you take wonderful photographs.
    Because of bloggers like you, i now blog.
    My blog is mainly just Kawaii and Japanese themed with the odd health and lifestyle post.
    I would be completely over the moon if you would check it out as you are one of my favorite bloggers.

    Keep being Kawaii ^.^

  5. Ahhh! How awesome! I just finally started up my blog and wrote about the same subscription service a few days ago >< How funny! I am a new subscriber so I haven't received my first box yet. Glad to see good reviews on it! Nonetheless on here ^_~


  6. January was my 7th Kawaii Box and I haven't gotten tired of them yet. But, I have a family so between us all we have a lot of places to put cellphone charms and keychains.

    Before I subscribed I actually looked at the last Kawaii Box and calculated how much it would cost me to just buy everything. I live about an hour away from Mitsuwa Chicago so I looked at the price of gas to get there + the cost of the items, and I also looked at the online prices + shipping. I discovered that unless you live near a Daiso it really ISN'T cheaper to just buy the items. Also with buying online you'd have to buy from several different people to get the best prices, people with different shipping times, some with tracking and some not... Kawaii Box is worth it for me to not have to go through that hastle.

    So, it isn't for everyone, and maybe a lot of people would prefer getting it every once in awhile rather than every month (too bad they don't offer that option), or splitting it with a friend or two.

  7. The nailpolish's colour is smashing and the stationery is also very cute!
    Btw, dear Caro Dee, I read your FAQ section, a bit hesitant if I may nominate you for a blog award, if you accept them, but since I didn't find anything about it there, I took the plunge and nominated you for the Liebster blog award: http://fantasiadollhousediaries.blogspot.cz/2015/01/liebster-blog-award.html Your blog is a great inspiration and I'm always looking forward to new posts!

  8. I've been contemplating getting this box!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  11. Greetings! I am really excited and willing to get this box. So, let me give it a try. How do I join?

  12. When I saw this box once I thought that it contains only sweets and biscuits. Thank you for this very useful review. Now I want to buy one. Do you know they have international shipping?

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