Lolita Blog Carnival: A Book Inspired Coordinate

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is a cute one! We were asked to make a book inspired coordinate. For my coordinate I chose the classic Children's story Madeline. I never had a ton of Madeline books growing up, or even really seen any of the various movies and shows they made about it, but she's always had a special place in my heart.

When I was putting this coordinate together, brainstorming what sort of pieces to use in it, I knew that I would find the dress I needed with Innocent World! Their dresses have that cute retro charm that I've come to associate with Madeline over the years, and they often favor more unique jewel tones, rather than pastels, so I knew if I looked hard enough they would have the perfect blue dress. And of course they did! I quickly stumbled across their Clara OP, which I thought was absolutely perfect for a Lolita version of Madeline, especially if you swap out the black ribbon around the collar with a cute red one. I had to make some compromises with this outfit and instead of a bright yellow hat went with a more toned down straw one, but it still has a great big black bow on it with extra long trailing ribbons, it's like this Baby hat was made just for Madeline!
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