La Grande Belle Fleur Bunny Scarf Review

I've been lusting a bit after a bunny scarf after I saw Baby's a few years ago. But I the ones brand shops sell are either too hard to get a hold of, are too expensive, or aren't really my style. Luckily I stumbled across the Etsy shop La Grande Belle Fleur, who pretty much specializes in adorable animals scarves. When I found her Etsy shop she had just sold an off-white bunny scarf, and while a pink or black one was tempting, I was really wanting that off-white one! So I sent her a message asking if she took commissions and luckily she had the time to make one just to my specifications! I didn't really have much in mind, I just knew I wanted an off-white bunny with fancy button eyes and red details. About a week later she let me know the scarf was done. I was pretty amazed at this since I can't knit and would assume something like this would take much longer, at least for me it would probably be sitting in my "to one day finish" pile for years.

About a week later the package came, as it was coming all the way from the UK to the US. The bunny was even cuter in person! There's a little loop on the underside so you can thread the back part to so it stays in place around your neck, keeping you cozy.

He's got a fluffy pompom of a tail and lots of cute details like a flower in one ear and a bow in the other. He's also sporting a super cute lace ruff. All the details are securely sewed or glued down, I can't imagine they will be coming loose any time soon.

And here it is worn, to show you how big it is. It's a pretty large size, so if you're going for a subtle bunny-on-my-neck look this isn't the scarf for you. However, if you want something super cute that's either going to be part of an OTT outfit or the stand out piece in a more toned down outfit, one of La Grande Belle Fleur's scarfs is probably for you. I'm quite tempted to pick up a black or a pink bunny to go with this one, since they're pretty affordable at $25-$35, especially for such a unique hand-made item that can be customized to match your own wardrobe perfectly.

If bunnies aren't your thing, there are a bunch more animal scarfs to choose from at La Grande Belle Fleur. KattyKins, the artist behind the shop, knits up animal scarves in all shapes and sizes ranging from ducks, to kitties, to pandas, to elephants.

La Grande Belle Fleur sells through Etsy, but you can also find her gallery on DeviantArt, and stocks a variety of things besides animal scarfs, including polymer clay sweets jewelry and hair accessories made out of real cookies and candies covered in resin. 10% of all of her sales go to animal charities, so you're not only getting something awesome by buying from her, you're also giving a little too.

I hope you all don't mind the couple of review posts so close to each other! I have been trying to put less of my Lolita funds towards burandoburandoburando and more towards local or indie Lolita seamstresses and crafters and I can't resist showing off my newest purchases.

I would also like to point out, over on the blog sidebar, there's a Facebook logo and link. Yep, I got around to making a F Yeah Lolita Facebook page. I like to sometimes talk to people on Twitter about ideas for future posts, to get ideas or reactions, stuff like that, and I figure that it would be much easier to do on a Facebook page instead of Twitter. So, if you have a Facebook profile and love pressing "Like" buttons, consider liking F Yeah Lolita on Facebook :D


  1. It's so cute!!! Looks lovely with that co-ord too <3

  2. I, for one, *love* review posts!

    "I have been trying to put less of my Lolita funds towards burandoburandoburando and more towards local or indie Lolita seamstresses and crafters...."

    I think that's wonderful! Small businesses and independent crafters/artists *should* get support! :D I think it also feels satisfying to have something that feels unique and more "real" than the things that many larger businesses make. :D

  3. :D I'm glad! I would like to post them more, but I worry about sounding too much like I'm advertising something. Haha, if just for the fact that I am usually really careful about what I buy so when I do buy something from an indi brand I'm always super excited about it and it pretty much always blows me away.

  4. This is absolutely adorable *_* I'm not normally one to wear cutesy animals and things of that nature... but I think I'd make an exception for something like this (especially if there's one in a fox design, lol). I like that the design is relatively simple; it gives it a lot of class and makes it more versatile-- I can totally see something like this in mori girl or dolly kei.

    I don't mind seeing so many reviews, especially if they're reviews on indie products. With the economy being what it is, I doubt most of us can afford brand clothing (I couldn't even afford it when the economy was in good shape!), so it's nice to read about these little shops that make it possible to buy one-of-a-kind items at decent prices.

    And yay for a FB page :D *likes*

  5. That is totally cute! It's one of the most lovable scarves ever to be seen by the human eye- except of course, my bright purple dragon scarf *GASPS* it would work perfectly with my over-the-knee stripy purple socks! I SHALL LOLIFY THE TWO OF THEM. When I can afford the clothes, of course. ^^"

    ...I just rambled. My apologies.

  6. Thank you for the lovely review, I'm so glad you like the scarf it looks absolutely adorable on you xoxo

  7. Love it! And you look so nice in that picture~

  8. Yay! They are in the UK! I may get a scarf when I get some more money, although I am divided between getting the duck or rabbit one. I am obsessed with ducks and think they are the cutest thing ever but I think I prefer the rabbit scarf. Maybe I should save up and get both :D

  9. How pretty! It looks a little like old toy bunnies, very Victorian. I like it

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