Some Technical Difficulties :D

F Yeah Lolita now has it's own domain name! You're not going to need to do anything special with any old links, as will still work, but so will, or at least, should work in the next few days. These things take a few days to work, I guess, I haven't owned a domain name in years, so I have to relearn everything!

Because of this, I'm having a few technical difficulties with the updated URL when it comes to comments, some widgets, and individual blog posts. So for the next day or so things might be a little off. Everything's still readable, of course, but comments & widgets might not be showing up.

Hopefully things will be back to normal in a day or so!


  1. Wow! It's so... pink! OO
    Nice! ^^ And congratulations!

  2. The layout, my eyes O.O
    Well congratulations

  3. Congrats on the domain name. Was is expensive to buy or no?

  4. Er, is the layout supposed to be... ironic? To be honest, I find it, well, a little creepy. xD; The beading lace border is super-cute though!

  5. I knew there was something different in the site but didn't notice until I saw this post XD Congratulations! :D


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