Giveaway Winners

The giveaway has finally ended, thank you to everyone who entered! I got over 70 entries for it, but there can be only 5 winners. the names were all put into a list and then I used the random list generator on to make a list of the names, number 1 being the winners. I will be emailing all of the winners within a few days and they have a week from then to respond or I'll be forced to move down to the next person on the list. If you're a winner, please be sure to check your Spam folder for my email as my emails sometimes end up there!

The winner of the Classic prize is MintySheepDog! MintySheepDog will receive the rose and feather corsage, mori girl hair clips, Alice cellphone strap, and bag of antique styled beads.

The winner of the Sweet prize is Catmint! She will receive the bow brooch, gummy bear cell charm, a deco'd tin full of deco pieces, and a cupcake ring.

The winner of the stationary destash and pin sets are, Knottia, Allie, and Erin! They will all receive a pin and a selection of stationary. I forgot to highlight Erin's name on the proof-of-winning list, but she is still a winner, regardless of her lack of highlight XD

Thank you very much to everyone that entered and thank you all for reading F Yeah Lolita for the past year. I want to share some of my favorite comments, about what Lolita means to you, from this contest with all of you.

"Lolita to me means I can be a princess. In the awful times of life I can escape, and in the good times the world looks that much more beautiful. I love looking at everything with an eye for frills, and I really like being able to see others enjoy themselves in the same way." -Maya

"For me, Lolita is both beauty and a rebellion against everything/one in my life that attempts to change and hurt me. It's a way to say that I am worth something, no matter what other people tell me, and to bring life and love into my world. I can't dress in it very often yet, but it always makes me feel wonderful. Plus, the clothes have a beauty, elegance, and attention to detail that I don't see in many other places, and which I love."

"Lolita is a reminder (to me) of a simpler time, and a reminder that every girl is beautiful and radiant in her own way. That less is more and way prettier! It helped me find my inner beauty and makes me see how much I have without even putting on a stitch of make-up!"
-Brandy Harlan

"I'm fairly new to the fashion, but Lolita seems to be built on all the ingredients I love; elegance, girlishness, modesty, dolliness, cuteness and antique feel, all wrapped up in a gorgeous sugary fruit cake."

"Lolita means to me having self-confidence and being able to wear what I love and what I feel beautiful in no matter how many unusual stares or disapproving looks I receive. Lolita helps me feel confident in myself and keeps my hopes and spirit high. It means believing in yourself, achieving goals, and looking super cute! "
-Emily Sansom

"To me, lolita means rebellion. Society has been pushing the idea on women that you must be sexy in order to be beautiful, you must dress to please men, and you must base your self worth on whether or not you meet their standards. Lolita allows me to reject those notions and set my own standards. By wearing lolita I'm proving that even if a woman wears modest clothing she can be beautiful. By wearing lolita I am wearing what I want to wear and NOT what men want me to wear. Lolita gives me the power to realize my own self worth and not let others decide it for me."


  1. Congratulations to the winners! ^^

    I wish I could have attended...

  2. Well congratulations everyone! You lucky lovelies! :D

  3. Wow. I just find those comments on what Lolita means so powerful and very moving.

  4. Thank you for posting those comments about Lolita in this entry. I randomly stumbled across them, but I feel really moved. Those girls have it exactly right.


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