Clockwork Fantastica Review

It's been a bit quite on the F Yeah Lolita front! So sorry about that, I've been caught up a bit with other things, namely my Ophanim shop. I've been reworking the packaging, getting things organized, as well as working on making a bunch of new stuff. I've also been trying to get back into creating art, so I've spent a few full days slaving over a hot tablet and Photoshop. I'd like to get back into the blogging swing of things with a review. In time, I hope to do a few more review of products by other talented people, both in the Lolita community, and just admirers of it.

Recently, I was sent a music box necklace by Clockwork Fantastica, a one woman shop based in Toronto featuring lovely necklaces with embedded music boxes. "Jewelry with a secret" is their, very fitting, motto.

Shipping was very quick, my necklace arrived in the estimated 7-10 days which is to be expected with mail from Canada to the US. I usually don't focus too much on packaging when I review something, but I was blown away by how nice the packaging was! I love getting something wrapped up in a bow, it makes it feel a little bit more special that way.

Inside the box was even more lovely packaging. The necklace was nestled in a cotton bag, and the little box was packed with a pretty butterfly (that is now pinned to my great big cork board full of pretty things!)

There was even a care card, signed by Ola, the maker of these pretty necklaces. A care card is incredibly useful for something like this, because music boxes are rather delicate items and I wouldn't know what to do if I had to go about cleaning it.

The necklace itself is just beautiful! Mine features my favorite scene from Alice In Wonderland, the mad tea party. The print is beautiful and very sharp, it's also set in resin to protect it. Copper accents frame the scene perfectly. It's chunkier than most pendants, in order to contain the music box mechanism, and on a long copper chain, so it makes a really great focal piece accessory.

If you're wondering, it doesn't constantly play music, just like any music box it has to be wound up to make music. On the back is a small key with which to wind it up. Fully wound the necklace plays about a minutes worth of the tune Love Story, which is actually my favorite music box theme!

I couldn't resist a quick interview with Ola to go along with the review! She's a charming girl with a very interesting hobby.

When did your love affair with music boxes begin?
First of all thank you for asking Caro. It's nice to know I'm not the
only one fascinated by these old fashioned things... Surprisingly few
people appreciate real, mechanical music boxes in the modern world.

I don't think I truly appreciated them until quite recently, about
three years ago. I had tried to repair a broken music box. That led to
a passionate interest that worked nicely with my taste for nostalgia.

What made you decide to combine music boxes with jewelry?
I worked for a while assembling traditional music boxes, but I do have
a pre-occupation with miniature things and it wasn't long before I
realized I am much better at working with and making teeny tiny music
boxes than with the larger ones. Ultimately I would like to remind
people about music boxes and perhaps revive their appeal by making
them a unique, quite beautiful part of daily life, in a way. I make
them so that they can be worn or carried very unobtrusively.

What is your favorite piece that you have made so far?
Right now I'm particularly fond of the new Alice design and a Rose
Locket that I put on my site earlier this week. I'm always in love
with my latest designs.

Do you have a favorite music box tune?
I really like the sweet simplicity of the song Amazing Grace and I
also like the tune Romeo & Juliet (A Time For Us).

Now, how is Caro-chan going to be coordinating this necklace? I have a few ideas that involve classical prints and a few subtle Alice elements. Here's a coordinate that was inspired by the very elegant and very classic feel of the necklace.

It's a classically Classic Lolita dress with a few opulent accessories, such as a Victorian inspired beaded purse, creamy lace tights, and a very ruffly cream blouse. A few Alice themed jewelry pieces from Disney Couture are mixed in with some simple, but girly, pieces.

Clockwork Fantastica necklaces can be bought through the webshop. Just a heads up, her shop will be going through a possible name change in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that!


  1. I saw her clockwork necklaces in person in Toronto! She's such a sweet person and I love how darling her designs are!

  2. awh it looks so charming ^^

  3. That's amazing. It looks so beautiful!

  4. oh my God. i want one!!!! its like what i always wanted when im like 4 yrs old!!

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