Les Fleurs Du Mal: A Sopor Aeternus Inspired Coordinate

 A few months ago I made a Rasputina inspired Lolita coordinate, well, I'm back with another coordinate inspired by some of my favorite music, this time inspired by the music of Sopor Aeternus. I had a huge wall of text about here rambling about my love of Sopor Aeternus and me trying to explain it, but honestly, that is a lot of text, if you are curious about the long answer to WTF is Sopor Aeternus, check out the wiki page, if you want the short answer, well Sopor Aeternus is one of my most favorite musical groups, fronted by Anna-Varney Cantodea, a mysterious 50-something Goth. Musically, she is a bit Gothic, a bit Medieval, a bit tongue-in-cheek, and almost always over-the-top. In recent years Anna-Varney has gone from the grotesque to elegant, dusty Victorian finery, a change that has inspired a bit of my own wardrobe.

Anna-Varney's color of choice at the moment, when not simply black, is a pinkish lavender color, so I've spiced up a Gothic Lolita coordinate with Victorian accents with a few accessories, some as close to that lavender as I could find, that are inspired by various songs and images. A coffin ring, a black feather plume, an umbrella with a cathedral print on the inside, roses, and lacy fingerless gloves.

I, of course, can't end this post without having a Sopor Aeternus song up! So here is one off of the most recent album, Les Fleurs du Mal. This particular song "Some Men Are Like Chocolate" is incredibly catchy, upbeat, and generally optimistic for the majority of Sopor Aeternus songs out there, but I love it so much. If you haven't heard Sopor Aeternus before, well, this is as good as any to listen to at first XD Anna-Varney has a rather unique voice, that honestly boggled my mind a bit when I first heard it, but it has since grown on me quite a bit, if you couldn't tell.


  1. I love the coordinate! I'd love to wear that, haha :D
    And wow, I love the music too! :3

  2. Looks amazing, very cleaver girl ;)

  3. Sopor Aeternus is amazing, I truly adore Anna-Varney, she is a piece of art herself.
    Also, the coordinate is nice, I'm gonna try it sometime, lavender is such a lovely colour for summer!

  4. As Josine said, Anna Varney is a piece of art herself. Her music isn't just beautiful, but full of meaning. I also adore the latest Sopor aesthetic, which combines a very dark and dusty side with a more feminine and delicate style.

  5. Oh wow, I like it, how catchy! It's like fairground music met 80s indie, with extra synth!
    Also, "Some men are like chocolate, but most are like shit" is such an awesome line. Haha.

    I love her look. It's so... creepy and weird that she has a unique kind of beauty, all of her own.

  6. Ooooh I looooove sopor aeternus ♥♥♥♥ :D She's a gothic goddess to me, just plain brilliant ;D

  7. It always suprises me when I found another lolita loving Sopor.. Actually we're even a lot. :D
    She's my lolita idol. Even if it may sounds strange...

  8. That's an awesome coord! And let me tell you (so you can feel even more proud :D) that YOU (yes, YOU) made me listen to Sopor Aeternus for the first time hehe
    I'm by no means a fan like you, but I do like some of their music, especially Fleurs du Mal :P And well... It's always great to see people who can convine their love for clothes and their love for music :P

    I know my rambling has possibly no meanings at all and its just plain rant, but oh well xD


  9. This is amazing, I would love to see someone wearing it. I think that being inspired by someone as lovely as AVC would have to result in beautiful clothing, and your coordinate really pulled it all together. :D

  10. I love Anna Varney! She's at the top of my list of lolita idols. I took to her music and voice instantly when I first stumbled across SA a few years ago. I have to say that the coord reflects the dark, delicate music brilliantly. <3  


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