Candy Star Rabbit vs Star Night Theater

Star Night Theater is one of Angelic Pretty's newest series, but I just can't seem to get it into my head that it's actually an Angelic Pretty print. Every time I see it I think it's Metamorphose.

Angelic Pretty Star Night Theater vs. Metamorphose Candy Star Rabbit

Star Night Theater's Meta-ness had got me thinking about what makes Meta's prints so obviously Metamorphose. While some brands do tend to have their own signature colors or color schemes, most brand colors tend to fall into the pastel range. Angelic Pretty is known for their contrasting pastels, and many Classic brands are known for dusty or faded pastels. While Metamorphose is more apt to use much brighter colors. Bright blue, burgundy with a hint of purple, nearly neon pinks, and vivid reds are all often seen in Meta's prints, much more than they are seen in other brands. Metamorphose also isn't afraid to have a few of these colors clashing together in the same print. When Angelic Pretty features a dress in these colors, combined with their usual clustered print, it just looks so much like Metamorphose. Which kind of gets me wondering why people are so excited about one, but passing up the other. But, I know the answer to that, Angelic Pretty is just the more popular brand and many people even find Meta to be a cheaper Lolita brand, just a step above Bodyline.

Which of these two dresses would I rather have? Eh, neither of them. While they both look like fun to coordinate with, they are just too "play room wallpaper" for my tastes.


  1. I have to agree with you there, those prints really are just too much for me. x:
    The blue is really surprising for AP. O:

  2. I'm not too fond of these "play room wallpaper" prints either XD
    Meta's dress would be gorgeous without the print... just the black and blue stripes and black lace, oh my *_*

  3. I must sayr something about it... Both dresses are very tacky, but I think therein lies the charm that both off ... the role of print room is grotesque and I love it ... I could not choose! (Note, please, that I'm a big fan of everything tacky, it is normal to say that of this clothing XDDDDDD)

  4. I never quite understood why Meta was never really considered "up there" with the other brands. Sure, their photo studio isn't all that great (neither is AP's), and they've had some pretty hokey styling on their models in the past (but so has Baby). They were one of the first brands to reach out to their international customers, and probably the most imaginative in terms of design and styling. Perhaps simply the lower price point puts them at a lower level in some lolis heads.... v_v

  5. I love the fact which you mentioned. who is copying who? If I have to choose one brand for wearing the rest of my life, it would be metamorphose XD I don't know why some people don't like it. they just don't see the creativity in it...

  6. Neither of these prints really do it for me, but I think I'd choose Angelic Pretty, if only because Meta's black stripes seem to darken the dress. But I do like the bolder bunnies and stars on the Meta dress. As for Metamorphose, they're not my favorite - their dresses tend to be questionable in taste, and they're really quite expensive, even a little more than other brands (their onepieces tend to run as much as if not a little more than Angelic Pretty, to me). I have a beautiful Meta piece (Swan Lake) but other than that, their style just doesn't impress me much.

  7. I really think Meta is trying to be "someone else" when it comes to their new prints, but the style will always be Meta.., and I love them for that!
    YES! I'm not afraid to say I LOVE META!!
    But this print particularly is not my cup of tea..

    And AP is and always will be AP, and I thank them when they do something dark like this one.., because I HATE all those childish prints.., they all look like my sheets when I was a baby..


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