Dressing Cozy for Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of year! I love just about everything autumn has to offer, the weather, the holidays, the scenery. And most of all, I can start wearing the clothes I want to wear without having to worry about it being too hot. Autumn is the time to finally dig out all the velvets, cardigans, capelets, and wools that have been lingering in the back of your closet all summer. Maybe it's your first autumn in Lolita, and you don't quite know if you're going to make it without shivering your butt off, or you're just looking to make you wardrobe match the season, these tips and essential wardrobe pieces will hopefully help you make the most out of the chilly weather.

  • Jacket- The most important part of a autumn Lolita wardrobe is a nice jacket. I think that the most perfect jacket a Lolita can have is a nice velvet jacket. Luckily, you don't have to rely on Lolita brands to find this, as you can pick up a velvet jacket most anywhere, in a variety of colors, this time a year. If velvet isn't really your thing, try a nice warm wool one. If you are buying an offbrand jacket, make sure that it will fit over Lolita skirts. The bottom should either flare out, or it should be cropped so as not to interfere with your skirt poof.
  • Capelet- If it's not quite cool enough for a jacket, but still want to look cozy, either find a blouse that comes with a detachable capelet, or look for a skirt with a matching capelet. The Lolita capelet is kind of an old-school look that always comes back in fashion once the weather starts getting cooler. Or be on the look out for a faux fur capelet or shrug! They are sure to make any coordinate look luxurious and elegant.
  • Cardigan- My favorite piece of clothing is probably the cardigan, it's just so cute and warm, I'm so glad the weather is letting me wear them again. If your cardigan is a little long, and if it's offbrand it's probably going to be, than you're not going to want to button up all the buttons, or it's going to bunch up weirdly around the middle. Either only button the top button, to create a cute A-line silhouette, or leave the bottom few unbuttoned, so it flares out over your skirt.
  • Tights- Time to start switching from socks to opaque tights! Instead of a pair of black or white tights to match your blouse, try matching them to an accent color in your outfit. Crochet tights are also a great option, especially if you wear them over a pair of opaque tights. If you still want to wear socks but want to keep warm, switch to over-the-knees and wear them over a pair of crochet tights.
  • Hats- The beret is classic and cute, or try a bowler hat if you are looking for something a little different.
  • Scarf- Not necessarily a big heavy duty faux fur winter scarf, but just a light and gauzy scarf that you can tie in a big bow around your neck. You can usually find these for cheap just about anywhere, so pick out a few in colors that compliment your wardrobe.
  • Shawl- You can either pick something knitted and granny-like, or you can go for a cozy wrap.
  • Bloomers- If you've been skipping the bloomers all summer, now is the perfect time to start wearing them again. You're going to be needing them!
  • Gloves- A vintage pair of ladies cotton gloves is a perfect addition to a cozy autumn coordinate!
  • Shoes- Boots are of course the best footwear now that the weather has gotten cooler. While clunky Lolita boots are always good, try a pair of mid-calf granny boots for a very cute look.
Now, obviously you aren't going to be able to wear a scarf, capelet, shawl and jacket all at once, don't think that's what I'm suggesting XD But keeping these items handy will really give you a variety of ways to stay nice and cozy while in Lolita. These are all tips that will work with any style of Lolita, from Sweet to Gothic, but if you want to embody the apple cider and falling leaves spirit of autumn, you might want to try a Classic approach to your autumn wardorbe. Classic Lolita has always been the perfect style for autumn, with the rich warm textures of wool and velvet, and the muted natural colors that reflect the changing landscape, Classic is the perfect choice for autumn. If you're not willing to change your whole style for 3 months out of the year, but still want to dress in a way that perfectly matches the season, there are a few simple things you can do.

  • Wear cream instead of white- It's a much more gentle color than stark white, and will usually match any plain colored pieces you might have. This also goes for pearls if you wear them. Put away your white pearls and instead wear some peachy cream colored pearls.
  • Add some autumnal color- If you have a wardrobe full of Gothic Lolita, add some jewel toned pieces. Deep burgundy, pumpkin, and rich chocolate will all match black beautifully. If your closet is full of Sweet or lighter pieces, go for faded pastels like dusty rose, tan, and pale amber. You can add this color anywhere, but a skirt or simple JSK would be the easiest and most versatile way to add some autumn colors to your wardrobe.
  • Wear more velvet- It's perfect for keeping warm! And it's so lush and pretty.
  • Wear antique gold toned jewelry- Antique gold tone is the best color for fall jewelry, it matches the falling leaves so nicely. Copper and brass is also a good choice! This is the perfect time to bust out some Steampunk pieces you've had laying around.
  • Make brooches out of faded silk roses and velvet ribbon- Make a big floppy bow out of a wide velvet ribbon and glue a pretty silk rose in an autumnal color to the middle, attach it too a brooch base and pin it to your jacket, your hat, or use it to hold your shawl in place.
  • Wear some plaid- Maybe because it's associated with school wear, but whatever the reason, plaid always looks it's cutest in the fall.
  • Style your hair- Go for a more natural and romantic hair style instead of hyper-kawaii. Wear your hair down and wavy, wear it in braids, or wear it in a neat bun at the nape of your neck. Decorate your hair with soft ribbons, fake flowers, or even strands of pearls woven into the braids.
  • Layer- Wear lots and lots of layers to keep warm! Wear a printed dress or JSK and wear it with a cardigan, opaque tights, and a jacket all in different accent colors from the print.


  1. I love this article. I'll be using some of these tips!

  2. Wow, this is so usefull!! Love it!!

    I found your blog by chance, it's really nice! :D

  3. Black opaque tights are an essential part of autumn, winter and spring wardrobes. For example this is me wearing them at our local boatyard: https://kimsherman.deviantart.com/art/Wearing-black-opaque-tights-boat-yard-591663874


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