Movies I Love The Hell Out Of

I've been wanting to make this post for a while now. Nothing really to do with Lolita, this is just a great big block of movies that I absolutely love, in no particular order. Why? Because these are good movies dammit, and lots of people haven't seen some of them. I think you (why yes, you!) should see some of them.

All awesome movies for one reason or another, go check some of them out sometime. If I had to suggest 5 of them, based on general awesomeness, I would probably suggest Perfume, Let The Right One In, Tokyo Godfathers, 12 Monkeys, and Lars And The Real Girl. Maybe sometime I'll do a more Lolita-specific post of movies that are visually inspiring for a Lolita, I bet some of these movies would be on that list.

While I'm on the subject of movies, I'm going to pimp out my boyfriend's blog The Tagline, a blog in which he rambles and rants about whatever movie he last saw. I tried to get him to watch Barbarella this week, because I'm convinced that it's a good movie. But I left it at my house, maybe next week!

I'm just a bit curious, but do any Loliblog readers out there prefer Lolita blogs to be personal, impersonal tutorials and essays, or the in between of occasional dress up pictures? In the beginning I had just intended to do this blog as an impersonal how-to blog, but I've been noticing more and more of myself seeping into it. Don't get me wrong, you're not going to be bombarded with a whole lot of "I ate taco's today and wore my new hat" posts, but I have been enjoying reading personal Lolita blogs more and more lately and have been thinking of adding a few more personal posts to this blog.


  1. Lars and the real girl is my newest favourite movie. I almost fell in love with Lars.

  2. @Maria- I almost did too! That movie made me cry way more than a sex doll romance should.

  3. The last unicorn ;3;~~~ <3333
    Also Lars and the Real Girl was suprisingly sweet~ Props for including Fifth Element, Pans Labrynth, Best in Show and of course Willywonka's in there 8D

    I know what you mean about the blogs, it's a little hard trying to keep a good balence- even if you already have a personal blog, it's still hard keeping posts relevant! >__>

  4. I enjoy reading posts that are more personal, but I like it if somehow they relate back to the topic you want to discuss.

    The "movies I like" post didn't have much anything to do with Lolita (which is fine!) I don't mind a sprikling of that but if it gets super constant (with any topical blog) then I'm likely to un-follow.

  5. @AM Rose- Yeah I have no intention of constantly doing totally random posts. I just had the urge to do this one. But I know what you mean, I always get disappointed when themed blogs start to degrade into LJ randomness.


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