Shop Spotlight: Seiyaleo

This Shop Spotlight is on Seiyaleo on Etsy, a crafter of adorable things such as this little Strawberry Fields brooch. Her sweets pieces would be a perfect addition to a Decora outfit, or even a great addition to a more toned down Sweet Lolita outfit. For when you want to add just a little bit of Decora, but don't want to feel like you've jumped head first into a sea of rhinestones and fake strawberries.

Her brooches, such as Afternoon Tea, are my favorite. They're just too cute, and the stitching is perfect. This little elephant pin looks like it would be right at home on an Emily Temple Cute casual coordinate. Aside from felt brooches, Seiyaleo also makes candy covered necklaces, as well as other adorable pieces that would be just perfect outside of Lolita.

I haven't been doing these spotlights as much as I would like. Does anyone out there know of any shops selling hand made cute stuff?

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